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Make homemade explosives
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claimed to have captured an undisclosed amount af explosives and weaponry
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20 KB (2,680 words) - 15:43, 9 March 2014 MythBusters (2005 season) Initially the team only intended to test the scenario of explosives
105 KB (14,307 words) - 12:56, 5 December 2013 Weapon possession jurisdictions make it a crime to carry certain weapons in plain view of others
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of conventional military explosives, such as an artillery
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17 KB (2,505 words) - 09:17, 11 April 2014 Anti-tank warfare (section Mines and other explosives) s (IED's) used in asymmetric warfare though it is really little different from a homemade land mine
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196 KB (27,808 words) - 05:37, 23 April 2014 List of terrorist incidents, 2000 May;28 0 33 Indonesia Medan District Three homemade bombs were
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105 KB (16,059 words) - 12:46, 20 April 2014 Fireworks (section Previous US Department of Transportation explosives classifications) Fireworks are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic,
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pipe means that simple low explosives can be used to
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are said to be "high explosives" and materials that
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landlord to let him test the home-made bombs in a deserted
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121 KB (15,304 words) - 12:31, 18 April 2014 List of coalition military operations of the Iraq War fuses, blasting caps and other components to be used to make bombs |
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9 KB (1,339 words) - 10:35, 19 November 2013 Explosive belt (redirect from Explosives belt) vest packed with explosives and armed with a detonator , worn by suicide bomber s
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made on site: “Judging from the injuries, it is not a homemade explosive
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had been planning a string of attacks in Casablanca using home-made explosives
4 KB (486 words) - 00:25, 5 December 2013 Improvised firearm (redirect from Homemade shotgun) A homemade shotgun or tumbera (Argentina), bakakuk (Malaysia), or
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Network series Beware the Batman to make the firearms look less realistic
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76 KB (9,284 words) - 06:19, 24 March 2014 Catacombs of the Moon (stolen from the explosives storage room) strapped around his torso—
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16 KB (2,325 words) - 21:49, 4 April 2014 Bomb disposal Bomb disposal is the process by which hazardous explosive devices are rendered safe
2 Chesco men indicted for illegal homemade explosives discovered
(U//FOUO) LulzSec Release: DHS-FBI Use of Common Chemicals
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15 KB (2,185 words) - 11:34, 14 April 2014 Greenwich Village townhouse explosion No one in the collective was experienced with explosives
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conventional industrial explosives, such as water
Synthesis, characterization and detection measurements of
Three Seneca Falls Men Arrested for Making Homemade Explosives
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narrative of another book Homemade C4 - A Recipe
13 KB (1,889 words) - 08:55, 31 March 2014 Taco who used explosive charges in plug form consisting of a paper
11 KB (1,753 words) - 08:07, 4 January 2014 Michał Klepfisz directed the underground production of explosives for the Jewish resistance
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is caused by a homemade explosive composed of metal shards, shotgun
It is used for identification of all common military, civil and home-made explosive compositions, and is being used by Police